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African Community Learning Program Students Share about their Days

November 28, 2018

By Nourou, 8th grader


A Day in Mauritania


When I was in Mauritania during the summer vacation, my friend moussa and I went to the park. We played soccer. After we finished, we went to my aunt’s house. At around 3pm, we went to a restaurant named Rotana. We bought two slices of pizza and two bottles of coke. The pizza and the coke were very expensive. One slice of pizza cost 1,500 ouguiya, and one coke was 500 ouguiya. That day, I had a lot of money. I think that day was so good.

 Nourou writes about his day in Mauritania as part of African Community Learning Program's November-December theme "Africa Is a Continent."


By Ibra, 1st grader


A Day in Senegal


My cat in Dakar was nice. I played with my cat and gave him milk to drink. I fed the sheep in the house: the papa sheep, the mama sheep, and the baby sheep. I went to the playground in Dakar and was sliding. My sister was swinging me. Me and my brother were swimming in the pool and splashing water at each other. I wore my African clothes and walked on the streets of Dakar with my mom.

 Ibra (left) is swinging at a playground in Dakar, Senegal during his summer vacation in 2015.


By Dahirou, 6th grader


A Day in America


I went to Islamic school. I learned how to recite the Quran and learned Islamic history. Then I went home and played fortnite. Then I went outside to play with my friend from school. After I ate lunch, went back to play fortnite, and said “hello” to guess at my house. Then I read a book and wrote about it. Then I had dinner and went to sleep early, because I had to go school the next day.

Dahirou presents about his Sunday in Philadelphia, America to African Community Learning Program students and volunteers .


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