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African Community Learning Program

Thank you for letting me be part of African Community Learning Program. I am grateful for being part of the program. Before I joined the program, I used to think that a team is when a group of people work together. But after joining the program, I found out that a team is not just about working together but about loving, caring, motivating, encouraging, supporting, advising, collaborating, connecting, communicating, and learning each other’s background. I appreciate you guys for making me become more bold and brave. I enjoyed working with you guys and learning each other’s cultures, traditions, tribes, languages, and countries. I hope to be part of the program in the future.”

-- Raimat Shittu, ACLP student

“I think [African Community Learning Program (ACLP)] is a great way to communicate with students of African backgrounds and teach them about the English language and about America. It’s a really fun program that teaches you a lot of stuff that would help you in school. It helps you bring your grades up. I would recommend this program.” -- Adelmageed Abdoun, ACLP student

“In many ways, a foundational creed of ACLP is the African Proverb: “I am because we are. And because we are I am.” Through this message, ACLP encourages students to be rooted in community, to realize that our individual efforts are only made possible through the collective. This is parcel of a broader attempt to create citizens who will go out into the world with a desire to improve not only themselves but the communities that they are in.”--

Hazim Hardeman, ACLP secretary and volunteer

Since I joined this program, I’ve come across very talented students who have benefitted so much from this engagement. I think it’s worth every investment to help provide even more resources to help these students realize their potentials and also be able to overcome challenges faced as first-generation immigrants in an English-speaking country.”

-- Kwaku Quansah, ACLP volunteer

“Working with you [Aminata Sy] and the kids of the ACLP has truly been one of the best, most enlightening, most joyful experiences of my time here at Penn ...Thank you for all you’ve done for me, all that you’ve shown me, and all that you’ve taught me. Volunteering with the ACLP has been such an amazing, life-altering experience for me. Thank you.”

-- Carson Keller, ACLP volunteer

“It has been very exciting to watch ACLP blossom from an idea into a fully realized after school program. You [Aminata Sy] and your volunteers and partners have really helped the children gain confidence, improve their English Language and reading skills, and be successful in school.You have done a great deal with very little in the way of resources, and I am looking forward to seeing all that you can achieve as you grow in the coming years.”

-- Becky Shaknovich of the Blackwell Library, ACLP partner

“I am blown away by the progress that African Community Learning Program and Aminata have made in even just in the last year. It started with a core of an idea and a volunteer program and supporting learners in the community in West Philadelphia and giving opportunity to volunteers both on Penn’s campus and in the broader community as well. Just a couple weeks ago, she was a finalist for the Wharton Startup Social Impact prize that they offer as part of their startup competition. So to see something go from really the beginning of an idea to a successful program is amazing.”

-- Adam Roth-Saks of the University of Pennsylvania, ACLP advisor


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